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How to Order
Just fill up our contact form with the products you wish to purchase. Include your full details including full shipping name and address. You may feel free to introduce yourself and feel confortable in your interactions with us. All interactions with us are 100% confidential and we do not share or divulge any of your details, we also expect the same in return. Once you fill the form we will take it from there. Once you fill the form we will get back to you as soon as possible with details and payment information. See an example of a clients order below.
Sample Order
I would like to make another order. I made fantastic size and strength gains on my last cycle and i was very happy with the products so id like to order again, this time going for a lean bulk. The items i would like to order are as follows
> 2 x Dianabol @ €25 (€50)
> 1 x Clomid @ €30 (€30)
> 1 x Tamoxifen @ €30 (€30)
> Express Delivery with tracking €20.00
> Total €130.00

I'll like to pay by bank transfer just like before, just tell me what to do and i will follow your instructions.
Please send package to this address below. My contact number is 555-01625963
 Mariuz Petruska
11 Sentoro Avenue,
Dallas, TX

Thanks again, Mariuz

To submit an order (^ like above) click the Contact Us page.

1) Fill out the form listing the products you wish to purchase, quantity, your full shipping details, select either standard or express shipping and Choose Payment Method [include the pricing detail and calculate yourself to get an idea of the cost] Click Send. (See sample above) Remember to write in your email address CORRECTLY otherwise you won't get our message.

2) We will then confirm your order and send you on payment details.
3) Send the payment and let us know the details (read sending payment below)
4) Once your payment has cleared your order will be processed and shipped immediately.
5) Once your package is shipped we will let you know. If you chose to have a tracking number on your package then we will also let you know the tracking details.

Payment Options

Bank Wire Transfer/Electronic Funds Transfer via online banking- First option of Payment
Bank wire transfer or EFT is simple, quick and easy and you can do it anytime! We'll send you the details you need to do it. If you would like to speed up the order process do take a snapshot of the transfer and send it on to us, this proves the transaction is in motion and we'll get packing your order. Once the money arrives the package will be sent and we'll let you know the details.

Paying in Cash- Second option of Payment
There is an option to pay us in cash/physical bank notes [EURO, GBP and USD]. This is popular with a lot of customers around the globe as it's very confidential with no papertrail. We will forward you on clear precise instructions which you'll need to follow exactly. You'll basically be sending the money by tracking number to a secure specific address. It's fast, easy, and very safe, we'll show you how.


Paying by Money Order- Third Method of Payment
Paying us by postal order is the fast, safe and easy way to pay for an order and is considered to be the customers choice for those applicable. We will forward you on clear precise instructions which you'll need to follow exactly. You'll basically be sending the postal order to a specific address. Note his option is only available to customers of An Post.


Payment by Western Union/Moneygram at physical agent location- Fourth option of Payment
We'll send you the details needed to send money.
Once you have sent the money you must reply with the following details you wrote on the form in the format we have displayed below (just copy and paste the below details and fill up with the information you wrote.
Sender Details:
First Name:
Last Name:
Receivers Details:
First Name:
Last Name:
Exact amount of USD $ or EUR €
Failure to send us these details promptly will delay your order from being shipped.

Paying by PayPal- Fourth option of Payment
Occasionally we accept payment by PayPal. If you would like to send us money using PayPal please let us know at the time you first submit the order and we'll have the details ready for you if we are accepting it at the current moment.
Charges and Fees
Remember that you are required to pay any fees that may be incurred by the transfer of monies to us such as Western Union charges, Bank charges, PayPal charges etc. Otherwise your order will not be shipped. We cannot accept any discrepancies in payments sent such as charges deducted from your payment - Please note that we are not responsible for any mistakes or errors made by the customer if the payment details, delivery details, or order details are incorrect or not received by us or if we cannot collect the payment because the information you gave us didn't match what you actually wrote.
Every order gets a Loyalty Card!
The system is simple, for each €1 (1 euro) you spend you receive 10c. In other words if you spend €1000 on an order you will receive €100, spend €500 and receive €50.00 etc.. On the above order this customer will receive a Loyalty Card worth €58.  When he gets it he could use it to buy two vials of Nandro PP (at €25) and four 10ml syringes (at €8) as one example.. Be sure to use the Loyalty Card before it's expiry date.
Delivery method:
Once your payment has been verified, your items are carefully shipped in discrete packaging
with no details of the contents inside and are ready to ship. We have domestic remailers in most countries who will ship your package to you and depending on your shipment you may also be issued with a tracking number. You are not required to sign for your package. Express shipping comes with a tracking number and support. Standard shipping does not have any tracking number only proof that the package was sent, we cannot offer any support for any of such packages. Also note that if a package has been sent by standard shipping and a customer claims not to have recieved it, we will not re-ship unless it can be proved legitimate.
We ship all orders within 1-3 days of funds being verified and picked up
We do not ship on weekends or holidays. Please allow 1-4 days to process your payment (excluding weekends). Please make sure your order is final before you send it off. In most cases orders are received by the client within 1-5 days of sending payment. Don't expect this to be the norm, sometimes this may take longer depending on your location and circumstances beyond our control such as poor weather conditions etc.. We try and have your products shipped domestically (as local as possible) whichever country you reside, if it is sent outside your country then we currently do not have a reseller there. Express comes with tracking number. Standard only has proof of shipping.
Anonymous Shipping
We can now ship to customers in the UK and Ireland who wish to be unidentified and who do not want to share their Name or Address. To find out more please ask us about how it works. Please note that depending on your location you may need to travel up to 20 miles to collect the package from a delivery depot if one isn't located in your area. Delivery depot's are located nationwide in most cities and built up towns.

Refer a Friend Card
If you are an existing customer (eg. a customer who has ordered from us at least once before) you may request us to send you a referral card which will give you and your friend €50 worth of credit to spend with us. The Refer a Friend card is designed for you to introduce us to a new customer who has never ordered before which is why you will be rewarded by €50 for doing so. Each card has a unique code. To find out more visit our TC's page.

Right to Refusal
H2 LABS Team reserves the right to refuse or ignore any "customer"/"prospective customer" (including but not limited to) that appears to be of a suspicious nature, untrustworthy character, buying undercover or under false pretence, suspected of buying our products illegally, broken any of our terms and conditions and or have other motives. In cases like this we may ask for any of the following; photo identification, proof of address and or medical prescription.


New Facebook / Blog Promo Reward
Picture this; You just got your package... no better feeling than opening it up and checking out what's inside! Share the excitement and take a few pictures of what you got posting it up on our blog or our facebook page! Once you do this, let us know you'll get a Loyalty Card NOW worth €100 to spend in our store. Remember it doesn't need to be your personal FB page set up a fake one! Happy snapping!


Delivery rates:

(per package)  
                   Express *  Standard **  Anonymus Shipping**
 Estimated Arrival Time 
UK €20.00 convert to USD GBP €10.00 convert to USD GBP €15.00 convert to USD GBP *1-3 working days **3-5 working days
Ireland €20.00 convert to USD GBP €10.00 convert to USD GBP €15.00 convert to USD GBP   *1-2 working days **2-4 working days
USA €20.00 convert to USD GBP €10.00 convert to USD GBP Not Available *4-8 working days **6-20 working days
MIDDLE EAST €20.00 convert to USD GBP €10.00 convert to USD GBP Not Available  *4-5 working days **5-7 working days
EUROPE €20.00 convert to USD GBP €10.00 convert to USD GBP Not Available *3-5 working days **4-6 working days
AUSTRALIA €20.00 convert to USD GBP €10.00 convert to USD GBP Not Available *4-7 working days **6-10 working days
Contact us: You can get in touch with us by our above email address and contact box. Please allow 24-48 hours for reply and take into account time zones. We will respond as quickly as possible. Remember to write in your email address CORRECTLY in our contact us box otherwise our reply will be sent to the wrong email address.  
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